Plaza + Public Space
The Prudential Insurance Co.
East 43rd Street
New York, NY


Plaza redesign including landscaping involved the prime tenant and building owner.

Interior Renovation
Morgan Guaranty Trust Co.
Washington, DC


Multistory office building upgrading and new lobby for this speculative office building.  Construction costs $2.5 million.

Wickes Corporate Office
Wickes Corporation
New York, NY

Three different corporations housed in 30,000 sf, each with their own entrance and corporate identity, all with one central design theme.  Custom-designed furniture was used in the chairman's office and boardroom.  Total construction cost $2 million.


Kayser Roth Hosiery
New York, NY

Corporate offices and showrooms for three individual divisions of the parent company housed Calvin Klein, Liz Claiborne and Kayser Roth, each with its own unique design signature, all with one centralized theme.  Total project cost $1 million.


Transcontinental Services
J. Rothschild International
Great Neck, NY

This 10,000 sf corporate office was designed, constructed and furnished all within three months.  Total furnishing costs $300,000.